Best Group Learning Platform for Your Academic Goals-Explain Learning

Best Group Learning Platform for Your Academic Goals-Explain Learning

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Two heads are better than one…

But when it comes to the present academic landscape, Explain Learning believes it takes a whole group to adjust, get work done and achieve success. Accelerated by the pandemic, learning groups like language study groups have rolled up the popularity charts among students, specifically those hosted on virtual platforms.

From polishing your team skills to being an antidote to procrastination and from effective learning to hassle-free material management, Explain Learning aids you to achieve your study goals and get a lot more done.

Want to know how? So without more await, get your notes ready!

Ways Explain Learning Assists Your Academic Goals

Explain Learning is an all-inclusive language study and group learning platform that focuses on seamlessly interweaving academic and social aspects of a student’s life with its user-friendly interface and e-group communities.

Here are some ways it makes your life easy and goals achievable:

  • Note archive
  • Seamless sharing
  • Tutor groups
  • Expanded social academical circle
  • Support
  • Adapt new study habits
  • Soft-skill development

Let us unravel them one by one.

Note Archive

Access your notes for every subject and class over Explain Learning’s easy-to-use interface and share it with your friends/ study mates without any hassle.

You can click pictures of your handwritten notes and upload them for later use, directly upload text notes into the platform, and even upload the text from another device by simple drag-and-drop function or pasting from a clipboard.

With all your notes organized in folders and sections, you need not waste time flipping through endless pages, to find the right references and solutions.

Seamless Sharing

The main attraction of the digitalized study group platform comes with the smooth sharing of notes live and even otherwise by putting all your notes in the Sharing Folder.

Once done, all you just need to create a Split Screen which will display their notes on the left side, from which you can copy. This way you add more quality to your own note archive.

Never worry about missing any lecture at school or college with effortless sharing on Explain Learning.

Tutor Groups

Effectively utilize the community intellect of your language group to understand concepts, clarify doubts, prepare for your finals, and even do homework.

All you need to do is upload your homework sheet, share it with your learning group, and get it done together.  With our smart video conference features, you can share your screen, discuss the problem set over chat or call and solve it simultaneously using the split screen.

Expanded Social Academical Circle

There exists a world of rich academia outside your school, and Explain Leaning’s study group provides you with a bridge to interact with like-interested students looking for a study buddy.

Expand your social circle, interact with students and academic scholars from different schools/universities, and learn more through discussion and collaborative efforts with our digital study rooms anywhere, anytime.

For instance, you joined a Language group and have to submit an essay. Want a second opinion? Share it with a trusted mate in your group from anywhere in just a few clicks.

Pro Tip: You can remotely use Explain Learning and continue your learning sessions from anywhere, at any time convenient to you as long as you have an internet-connected device.


With your batchmates and friends studying together, you can concentrate better and work towards a common goal. Secondly comes the factor of encouragement and pride when you help each other to understand complex concepts, making studying a more enjoyable experience.

Furthermore, the chances of procrastinating are more when you are alone. That is why students surround themselves with each other.

Adapt New Study Habits

Once you become a part of a study group, say language study, you’ll possibly  observe a wide variety of study methods and incorporate them into your own routine. With the kind of answers and essays your peers write, you will be motivated to adapt to a finer language and answering skills.

Soft-Skills Development

When children are brought together for group learning, they have the opportunity to learn from one another and develop their interpersonal soft skills.

Through group study, they can enhance important abilities such as teamwork, leadership, group problem-solving, communication, and public speaking skills. Moreover, engaging in group study can foster a positive attitude, improve listening skills, and promote active learning.

Overall, it offers a platform for children to acquire a wide range of valuable skills and qualities.

In Conclusion

All this boils down to enhanced focus, an organized approach to studies, a wider and better understanding of the subject matter, less stress, confidence within you, and of course improved grades.

Thus giving you a valuable avenue to achieve your goals and experience the benefits of collaborative learning and skill development. Come harness your academic success with Expain Learning and its user-friendly interface.

Author Bio: Nik is a guest contributor specializing in educational topics. With a focus on Explain Learning, Nik provides insights and tips to help readers enhance their learning experience. Connect with Nik for valuable knowledge and expertise.

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