Augmented Reality – How is it Becoming Part of Our Daily Lives?

Augmented Reality – How is it Becoming Part of Our Daily Lives?

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We live in a digital world, and humans always aspire to see beyond what they already have! All the technological advancements and innovations are the result of this. Today, technology has so advanced that we can experience everything before going for it in the real world.

Any guesses, how?  

The answer is “augmented reality.” But what is it, and how is it impacting our daily lives? This blog will answer all your queries.

Augmented Reality         

An enhanced interactive experience provided by the combination of computer-generated and real-world content is augmented reality. It develops a new information layer using your existing environment and lets you view the real world with computer-generated images and information. Real-time texts, videos, graphics, etc., integrate with the objects of our natural world here. 

How Augmented Reality is Becoming Part of Our Daily Lives

There was a time when we were thinking of augmented reality as future technology. Today it is being used in our day-to-day lives. From online shopping to entertainment, Augmented Reality is now everywhere. How often do you encounter it? Well, it’s much more than you are thinking. Let us discuss here how it is becoming part of our daily lives.


In this digital world, where most customers prefer buying with a single tap, some are hesitant to buy without trying. Now, augmented reality has made it possible to test the respective item virtually before buying it.            

It has made the online shopping and retail industry more engaging. Customers also prefer to shop from stores that are using the technology. It gives a better view of whether the selected product will prove beneficial or not. This allows them to make intelligent decisions, especially in the fashion and retail industry.

The IKEA Place app lets you see how the selected furniture will fit into your room or dining space. You can view it from various angles. Gucci by the iOS app, allows shoe lovers to try shoes virtually before actually buying them.

Interactive Gaming

The entertainment industry has also incorporated augmented reality. They started using it in games years ago. The Pokémon Go AR app set the trend. It used GPS-based AR. While playing the game, you can see the game characters in the physical environment, which makes it popular. Millions of users were active on it, as its popularity skyrocketed among gamers.  

As the app uses GPS data to determine your location and reveal virtual characters around you, users get curious to download the app for hunting Pokémon characters. The time is not far from when you can see your virtual avatar (representation) as a character in the game.

Sports Broadcasting

Today while watching live-action sports on television or your smart devices, you can experience the same view as you are watching it in the stadium. Augmented reality has made it possible to give viewers additional information during the live game.

The interactive 3D graphics, along with the live footage, makes the live streaming more enjoyable. It was introduced in the sports industry with the aim of increasing viewership, and it got successful. The lines and curves allow you to see a close view of the player, ball trajectories, shuttles, etc. It helped the viewers, audiences, and even the referee to take a close call on fouls, etc., and give a fair decision.

Video Conferencing

Want to attend a business meeting but unable to find an apt background? Augmented Reality has overcome this problem and added creativity to the communication experience.

You can now change the background while attending a video conference or meeting. Moreover, while you are on the call, you can enhance your face during the call and add digital objects to the face. It has dramatically impacted our lives, allowing you to cut travel costs and still join your family gatherings and meetings virtually.

Today, it is commonly used in the apps that we use daily, like Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Filters in social media apps are because of AR technology, and users are using it endlessly daily.

Security and Authorization

In a positive way, augmented reality greatly impacts our lives. When it has reached every industry and has become a part of our day-to-day life, how can you think it has not reached our smart devices? 

Today, we all know the importance of mobiles in our life. One can not imagine surviving without them. Whether it’s about staying connected with family or friends, doing transactions, or checking your confidential emails, you use mobile for everything. So, you cannot afford to compromise on its security, and augmented reality has taken away this worry. 

With its application on mobile, you can enhance your device security by letting your mobile unlock with face recognition. This enhanced security feature has also safeguarded your money by allowing you to authorise payments before paying the amount.

Military and Defence

Nothing can replace the physical training sessions of our brave soldiers. But AR technology is helping the military and defence as well. It is enhancing the training process by teaching strategic skills for their practical missions. Training for active combat zones is always challenging. The technology boosts the soldier’s situational awareness of the battlefield. 

Devices like head-mounted displays give a satellite view of any suspicious movement in front of a soldier’s vision. This assists them in taking the apt decision to win over the enemy. 

Along with the training of the soldiers, AR technology also helps in maintaining vehicles, gadgets, aircraft, and other types of equipment efficiently. 

Final Words

Today our reality is more integrated with digital life. We spend more time staring at screens. This makes augmented reality a need of today’s time and thus, it is everywhere around us. Be it shopping, gaming, sports, and other industries, it has reached almost every industry and is becoming a part of our lives. With its growing participation or applications in every sector, one can easily predict the bright future of augmented reality. So, be prepared to see more innovations and ground-breaking developments soon.

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