A comprehensive guide on online reputation management

A comprehensive guide on online reputation management

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Every business organization wants to make a good impression online. However, having an interactive website or a strong social media presence is not enough. In today’s information age, negative comments or a negative Google review can greatly affect a business organization’s reputation. Since the majority of customers tend to do good online research about the company before availing of a service or a product, it is important to manage the online reputation for the successful running of a business organization.  

But before diving deep, let us understand what exactly online reputation management (ORM) is and why it is important for the growth of a business venture.

What is online reputation management (ORM)?

Online reputation management (ORM) refers to the process of monitoring, influencing, and managing the online presence and reputation of a business organization. It tends to monitor what people say about a brand online and take necessary actions to ensure that the brand image remains positive. With the help of online reputation management (ORM) a business organization trends to create a positive public impression of their brand. This in turn helps to increase customer loyalty, develop mutual trust, and generate more sales.

Why is online reputation management (ORM) essential for a business organization?

A good online reputation tends to directly impact the success of a brand. Some of the reasons why ORM in digital marketing is important for a business organization are as follows:  

  • Client trust

Good online reputation management can be useful for building trust with the potential client base. If potential client tends to see positive reviews and comments about a brand, then they are more likely to trust that business organization and avail of their products or services. 

  • Brand image

Negative comments and reviews tend to discourage potential customers from using the products or services of that particular business organization. This is where online reputation management (ORM) comes into play. A good online reputation can help shape a brand image and create a positive outlook in the minds of its potential customers.  

  • Increase sales

A good reputation management online can help in increasing sales of a business organization. Positive reviews and comments help to increase trust among potential customers. This in turn helps to increase the overall sales as people are more likely to buy products or avail of services from the company with a good online image.

Steps for effective online reputation management (ORM)

After understanding the importance of ORM, let us now look into the various steps for effective online reputation management. 

  1. Reply to negative feedback

If a business organization comes across any negative Google review or feedback, it should reply professionally and promptly. Addressing customers’ concerns and offering solutions shows that the business organization cares about its customers and is willing to take necessary steps to resolve the issues.

  1. Encourage positive feedback

A business organization should encourage happy and satisfied customers to leave positive Google reviews. This in turn helps to boost their online reputation and gain new clients. 

  1. Developing important content

Creating and optimizing valuable content such as blog posts, infographics, and videos with proper keywords helps to improve the search ranking of the official website of the business organization.   

  1. Having a strong social media presence

A solid social media presence can help a business organization connect with its customer base, promote its products, and improve its online reputation. Posting engaging content daily helps to increase the online visibility of a brand. In today’s digital world, even movie makers and movie producers are using affordable social media marketing techniques to connect with the audience and generate buzz about their upcoming films. This in turn helps to bring more audiences to the premiere night. 

Wrapping up

Online reputation management (ORM) tends to play a vital role in building and maintaining a positive image for a business organization. This helps them to address negative feedback, increase sales, and build customer trust. However, it should also be kept in mind that ORM is an ongoing process and it is important to stay engaged and keep a tab on what people say to create a positive impression about a brand. 

Author Bio:

The writer of  this article, Anusree Chaudhuri has been in association with a reputed digital marketing agency, that provides the best digital marketing services across the globe. Her valuable insights into the field of digital marketing and online reputation management (ORM) have been very helpful for business organizations.

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