8 Best Healthcare Apps for Medical Professionals

8 Best Healthcare Apps for Medical Professionals

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It’s a mobile world, digital world… data-centric world..!!!! In today`s time, everything is connected digitally. From basic communication to business meetings, we all are switched to digital interconnectivity. Be it entertainment, sports, or educational learning. Go digital is the anthem we follow!!!

Tremendous development is made in the healthcare sector. From virtual consultations to robotic surgeries, Healthcare software development companies have taken over the charge and are promising a bright future ahead.

The medical profession is the most respected and responsible career choice, where the doctors have to perform accurately every single day. The hectic work schedules and huge professional responsibilities can`t stop them from performing to the best of their abilities.

Mobile app development companies have introduced many softwares and applications to ease out the super hectic medical professional’s lives. Whether you are a medical admin, nurse, clinician, doctor, surgeon, or medical expert, there is an app for all to help in the system management and enhance the ability to become a better medical professional.

Why do medical professionals prefer the use of mobile applications?

There is better coordination among the doctor-patient and other medical service providers. The workflow and management have smoother access to communication between all the medical departments like laboratories, healthcare units, and medical staff members.

Time management

Mobile applications are considered very efficient in providing the best professional service. The most important part of the doctor is to make the best time management each day to reach every patient and provide medical attention.

Mobile apps perform the best time management tasks and make the doctor’s visit a better experience with the same medical care that the doctor can provide the patient in a physical patient visit. Thus giving a lot of extra time for doctors to make use of more patients throughout the day.

Skill full technology

All the medical records and clinical data are up to date and stored in the most secured platforms. There is an easy understanding amongst the clinical staff and management to study the patient’s health records, billings, and documentation very clearly. Thus saving a lot of management time and paperwork.

The digital health reports and documentation of patient helps doctors for quick and accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. A lot of human errors like file misplacement or prescription errors are eliminated.

Easy and accessible

The best part of the mobile apps is that with their smartphone,  doctors can provide medical attention from any location with much ease and convenience. A lot of patient visit travel time is saved and through online consultation, the same attention is provided through a mobile app.

Taking into consideration the above-mentioned factors mobile app development companies in the healthcare sector make sure that they provide the best technical support and advanced features for the medical professionals that add more quality to their work life.

Here is the list of the 8 best healthcare apps for medical professionals

  1. Referral MD

A referral management application is a software program that sends notifications to the staff regarding patient referrals, it also updates and notifies the provider of patients’ referrals.

With Referral MD patients can schedule their appointments and fix an appointment with a medical expert. Physicians are connected with healthcare CRM with almost 5 million expert connections that can be approached for referral advice.

Key features are:
Appointment scheduling, Document management, Notifications, and confirmations.

  1. Prevention Taskforce

Prevention Taskforce is a mobile application that provides assistance in identifying the screening and counseling for the patient. The data is authorized and provided by the government. Patient data can be fetched by the characteristics like age, sex, and medical issue.

Well-certified volunteers who are experts in disease prevention are assigned to the patient.

Key features are:
Government-authorized, Health Library, Search feature, best recommendations from experts.

  1. Complete Anatomy

Complete Anatomy is a 3D application program, best used for the recognition of human organs in 3D anatomic images. It is widely used by most medical students for the study of the human body and by doctors to explain the patient’s condition.

Complete Anatomy includes all body muscle motion and information, which is very useful for surgery purposes. There are over 1500 clinical videos that help the students and doctors.

Key features are:

Dissection simulation, 1000+ study resources, Reality model.

  1. Connecteam

Connecteam is one of the most used and known applications that provide the best healthcare management software. It efficiently trains the medical staff with easy features that take no time to understand. The hospital management is handled with a smooth workflow and staff scheduling is done in one click. It provides tools that make easy and clear coordination among the medical staff to manage the duties and task programs.

Key features are:

Time tracking and scheduling, onboard training programs, Daily checklists,  Chat feature for easy communication, and workflow management for staff.

  1. Kareo

Kareo is an electronic health record (EHR) application for iOS devices.

It is one of the best medical billing service programs. A physician can claim the bill from anywhere and at any point in time as per the requirement. Kareo automates the billing system which reduces billing errors.

Key features are:

Update and manage documentation, secure patient-doctor communication, e-prescription, billing track, and manage patients.

  1. Omnio

The Omnio application is one of the best medical apps that connects you to the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, Americal Diabetes, etc. It is very efficient in checking the symptoms, pills identification is precisely done, health tracking, drug monitoring, and notification for doctor-patient for medication updates.

Key features are:
Medical calculator, drug specification, medication interaction

  1. Visual DX

Visual DX app consists of a digital library of over 32,000 digital images with multiple variants of skin conditions. The image represents various types of specialties including dermatology, pathology, radiology, oral medicine, infections, and related diseases. Medical specialists often refer to the Visual DX data for diagnosis and any condition identification.

Key features are:
Skin condition diagnosis, identification of rare condition, infection recognition.

  1. Anesthesiology i-pocket cards

One of the most efficient applications has tools that offer complete guidance for the anesthesia dosing information, classifications, and algorithms. The specialist refers to the tool for different cases as it has detailed information about the anesthesia dosage information in chart and diagram form for easy understanding.

Key features are:
Most efficient and accurate dose information, Easy navigation.

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