7 Must-Have Features of A Media App

7 Must-Have Features of A Media App

Last updated on April 8th, 2024 at 06:50 am

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The digital area currently presents a large chance to interact with customers in multiple ways. Hence, media and amusement agencies are perpetually developing new ways to involve customers, build complete loyalty, and multiply profits. With all this, they’re conjointly combating shrinking budgets, demands for seamless application performance, and shorter timeframes to promote a product.

 So with these pressures encompassing the business world however will a digital agency make sure that they’re delivering the most effective price to their client? Here is how:

 • Provide prime quality user expertise across multiple internet and mobile platforms

 • Support for varied user masses

 • Create even expertise across the internet and mobile

 • Know the way to handle real-time property problems

 • Make time for testing security

 Testing amusement and media app needs the proper mixture of testing techniques and a well-thought-out strategy. There are various app testing companies that are marketing assist media apps. The proper mixture of testing varieties can gauge how strong and easy your apps are. Bear in mind that the most effective test strategy balances the tradeoffs between value, quality, and time-to-market.

 Have you designed your strategy yet?

 Read through the media app testing should have and style your test strategy now!

Adaption and Responsiveness 

Your developers are going with responsive or adjustive internet style, testing. Each approach is geared toward crafting sites to supply and best viewing expertise, straightforward reading, and navigation with a minimum of resizing panning, and scrolling across a large variety of internet and mobile platforms. It’s a requirement to visualize how your internet or mobile app adapts to totally different browsers. Therefore you wish to test:

 Alignment of text and pictures – proportionate show – Misplaced or overlapping content – Ad placement


Compatibility testing, a part of package non-functional tests, is testing conducted on the net application to judge the application’s compatibility with multiple platforms. It ensures that the browsers are rendering the website as per the first style and practicality. In contrast to responsiveness; compatibility testing checks for each style and practicality problems that will be caused thanks to browser incompatibility.


Localization testing is performed to examine whether or not the online application supports multiple languages for the domestic market or not. The subsequent list ought to be targeted because of the scope to examine how well the application adapts to multiple client markets. You need to assess for: Content Translation – Date Conversion – communication Codes – signaling Formats – Maps and Directions – Currency Conversion – Tax Rates


Usability testing may be a technique employed in user-centered interaction style to gauge an application by testing it with live users. We tend to take a look at media apps across the subsequent criteria:

 The usefulness of Website Content – easy Use – fascinating – Content Navigation – Accessibility for individuals with disabilities – credibleness of content


Functionality across all platforms ought to be constant and vary; internet applications ought to perform well in their supposed manner. Common purposeful problems embrace sign-on type validations, broken menu choices, association speed, interruptions on the mobile platform, and information handling.

Load Time

Page load time is the key that determines your consumer’s engagement with your app. The key factors to think about are mobile carriers and knowledge usage, which might affect the speed and ease of use of the appliance. The appliance should be tested with totally different devices and carriers counting on the target markets.

 So however will we apprehend poor page load time? If the page time doesn’t match you’re SLA or as per internet standards, if the load time exceeds five seconds, that’s a wake-up call. There’s a spread of online tools accessible that might assist you in confirming page load time:


The ever-evolving variety of mobile applications presents a completely new set of security challenges. Mobile apps come with their distinctive security challenges. A couple of them are as follows:

 Confidentiality: Will your app keep your knowledge private?

 Integrity: will the info from your app be trustworthy and verified?

 Authentication: will your app verify you’re who you say you are?

 Authorization: will your application properly limit user privileges?

 Availability: will an offender take the app offline?

 Non-Repudiation: will your app keep records of events?

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