4 Best Mobile Phones & Mobile Accessories for Fast & Better Gaming

4 Best Mobile Phones & Mobile Accessories for Fast & Better Gaming

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Mobile phones these days are everything one could ask for. Mobile phones in this modern era are packed with every feature one would ask for. Today’s phones can help you do shopping online, play the latest games, video calling, facetime, and many more. 

Mobile phones have almost swapped handheld consoles for gaming, and all things considered – they frequently have excellent screens, power capacity, easy handing while the Apple Store and Google Play Store both have a huge and truly developing and a wide choice of games. 

However, not all smartphones are useful for games, and there’s something else entirely to consider than simply raw power, however, that is surely a major factor.

Being an enthusiastic mobile gamer, searching the best mobile phone gaming accessories can save you from terrible controls, a dying battery, bad audio, and less internal storage. With cloud-based streaming platforms on the rise and the best Android games adding some excellent graphics, stunning screen, controller support, having the correct Android gaming accessories represent the deciding moment of a gaming meeting.

Top Must-have Accessories for improved Gaming

Below are mentioned in the top 4 mobile phones based on the ratings and their capabilities.

Asus ROG Phone 3:

The Asus ROG Phone 3 is specially built for gaming lovers but can handle all other tasks comfortably. It comes with a whopping 6000 mAh battery powered by the Snapdragon 865+, which is the latest. The phone comes with a Full HD+ AMOLED screen, which is perfect for playing games and watching videos. As discussed, the phone is for gaming lovers embedded with ultrasonic air triggers that can provide you the feeling of playing using a joystick. The games run very smoothly without any lags, and the 144Hz refresh rate gives players a new experience that is unmatched to any other phones.

One Plus Nord:

One Plus Nord is one of the most budget-friendly phones from the house of One Plus. The phone comes with an AMOLED display, Warp charging, and a big battery to last the whole day. The phone is powered by the Snapdragon 765G and is the cheapest 5G offering from One Plus. One exciting feature of this phone is that it supports 4K 60fps for selfie video shooting. The phone comes with a single speaker, loud enough for watching videos and listening to music.

iPhone 11 Pro Max:

iPhone 11 Pro Max is the largest phone offered by Apple, with a massive 6.5-inch display. With this phone, you can click amazing photos and videos with the help of ultra-wide. It comes with three cameras in the back, allowing users to choose between wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto lenses. The phone comes with an all-new night mode enabling users to click excellent photos in low light. The phone is powered by the A13 Bionic chip allowing users to play intensive games and edit 4K videos. Also, avail the iPhone insurance, which comes bundled with the phone at an attractive price.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra:

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a flagship device that comes with a massive 6.9-inch QHD+ panel. Exynos 990 SoC powers the phone. In terms of storage, the device has 12GB RAM along with 128 GB. This phone is packed with a 5000 mAh battery enough to last you the whole day. The phone also supports 45W fast charging, which is rewarding. For excellent photos, the phone has a 108 MP primary camera, 12 MP ultra-wide camera, and a depth vision camera. What is interesting about this device is that it offers a 100x zoom, unlike any other phone available in the market. Make sure to get the best cell phone insurance when you buy such an expensive phone that comes bundled with the best offers and discounts.

Top Mobile accessories for fast and better gaming:

Steelseries Stratus Duo:

Steelseries Stratus Duo is one of the most exceptional controllers for Android phones having huge popularity worldwide. This controller can also be used with your Microsoft PC allowing seamless switching between the two devices. The controller can be used with all modern VR headsets allowing a different experience altogether. This controller provides Bluetooth as well as wireless connectivity, unlike any other controllers in the market.

8Bitdo SN30 Pro+:

This controller from 8Bitdo is compatible with almost all platforms like windows, Nintendo switch, android, and macOS. This controller comes with six-axis motion sensors offering a different level of experience while gaming. It has a removable battery that is 1000 mah allowing gaming enthusiasts 20 hours of nonstop gaming. It comes with textured thumbsticks, buttons, and triggers, which is rewarding.

Homido Prime VR headset:

Homido Prime VR headset comes with a premium construction allowing long hours of usage. The VR lenses are custom made offering a different experience to players. The field of view in this headset is 110 degrees, unmatched to any other VR headsets. Homido Prime VR headset is also compatible with all leading Smartphone brands.

Gamesir Z1: Gaming Keyboard:

The Gamesir Z1 is compatible with both android and windows devices and has four programmable keys for easy access while playing your favorite games. This keyboard can be used single-handed and comes with an excellent RGB lighting set up. This keyboard has mechanical switches and a built-in remapper, which is a bonus for players. It is powered by a 2000 mah battery that is rechargeable.

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