Essential Points for Choosing the Best Payment Gateway in India in 2021

Essential Points for Choosing the Best Payment Gateway in India in 2021

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Due to the increasing expansion of the eCommerce market, mobile commerce, and internet penetration in India, the need for the adoption of digital payments has increased tremendously and so has the need for the best payment gateway for your business. 

As per the JP Morgan reports, the market value of the B2C e-commerce market value is $36.5 billion. Also, the market value of Mobile commerce is $16.8 billion, and it constitutes 46% of the size of the eCommerce market.

The popular eCommerce business models are Travel, Consumer electronics, Clothes and apparel, Others, Groceries, household goods, health & beauty, etc.

Simultaneously, the cash usage is decreasing as the card, UPI, wallets, and other online payment modes are going up.

With this, it becomes essential for businesses to keep up with the penetration. For this, they need to set up a payment gateway for their online website, app, or even offline stores.

Setting up a payment gateway for your business helps with this and much more. However, you must choose the best payment gateway in India which is ideal for your business.

Choosing the best payment gateway for your business

Here are certain points to keep in mind when you are choosing a payment gateway to accept online payments for your business. Also, know how the PayKun payment gateway matches them. 

  • Pricing and other charges

This point is highly essential when choosing the gateway. There are options out there such as PayKun that gives the best quality services at the most affordable prices.

The best payment gateway pricing plan needs to be the primary point to consider. Consider the affordable per transaction charges. Also, take note of the other fees such as setup, integration, and maintenance.

PayKun has the lowest TDR in India and there are zero other charges. There is no setup, maintenance, or any extra fees.

  • Customer Support and Technical Support

Your payment gateway needs to be responsive and with excellent support services. Using PayKun becomes very easy due to its customer service responsiveness and multi-channel support.

It provides high-quality general and technical assistance through email, live chat, call, and Whatsapp too.

  • Integration Assistance

One of the reasons why using a payment gateway is considered complicated is due to its technical aspects.

By providing integration and technical assistance, PayKun makes this task smooth and seamless. You can get technical support through your dedicated account manager after your account is activated. To resolve any technical query you may simply drop an email at

PayKun supports all major website and mobile app support. It also has developer-friendly technical documentation on its website.

  • Security Compliances

The security vulnerabilities can cause fraud and online theft. The best payment gateway security compliances must be followed by your chosen gateway.

PayKun follows the highest security. It is PCI DSS level 1 compliant. Apart from that, it follows the AES security standards and has SSL certification.

  • Smooth and Customised Checkout

The last step of any purchase is making a payment. The customer must experience a smooth payment checkout. Also, it should make an impact on their subconscious.

PayKun offers 120+ payment mode options including credit cards, debit cards, wallets, UPI, QR code, and EMI. 

It provides a very high transaction success rate. You can customize your checkout in terms of color, brand logo, etc. It requires minimum customer details and only essential payment details to be filled in its 3D secure checkout.

  • Payment Links

In case you do not use a website or mobile app to accept online payments, you may use a payment link for the same.

PayKun payment links are easy to use and enable online payment acceptance through email, messenger, Whatsapp, etc. 

Thus, you can provide a secure option and multiple payment modes to your customers. 

PayKun payment links make it possible to use this best payment gateway even without a website or app.

  • Merchant Dashboard Tool

You need a way to track and analyze the transactions and the related functions such as the settlements, refunds, payment links, orders, transaction status, etc.

PayKun provides the best dashboard tool to make these functions easy for your business.

Concluding with other important points

PayKun is the trusted, easy, and best payment gateway with a positive brand image, which is very essential. This helps you give a sense of security to your customers along with the display of other security compliances.

Further, to make a global reach you need a payment gateway with multi-currency and international card support. PayKun helps you with the same.

All in all, to discuss your business requirements you must get in touch with our sales team at +91-7229052524.

Or get on board and start accepting online payments through the PayKun payment gateway. Integrate it to your website or mobile app, add the payment button or start using its payment links.

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