Best 15 Automation Testing Companies [Ranked in 2024]

Best 15 Automation Testing Companies [Ranked in 2024]

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 04:24 pm

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There is an ever-increasing quantity of smart and new bugs and viruses. This trend has failed the manual testing technique.  There is still a  requirement for companies to protect their data and online presence. At a similar time, automation testing companies have come up with different results to fight back against new feathers of pitfalls.

These companies make use of new technologies and smart processes to keep learning and putting up strong security walls. How would these companies change the world of cybersecurity in 2024? Will automation testing kick out manual testing forever? Will homemade testing prevail formerly again? The answers to these questions can only be known with time. still, we’ve gathered a list of the top automation testing companies in 2024 for you. Read further about them to know what makes them the best!

List of the Top Automation Testing Companies in 2024

1. TestMatick

 TestMatick is a leading provider of top-quality software testing services. The company was innovated in 2009 and headquartered in New York, USA. Our strong platoon of testers can start testing your design of any complexity within 24 hours.

 2. ScienceSoft

 ScienceSoft is a US- grounded test automation company with 33 times of experience in the IT business. To ensure all software functional and non-functional conditions are met, ScienceSoft executes the following types of automated testing

 • Functional( at the API and UI situations), including retrogression,

 • Performance,

 • Integration,

 • Security testing.

 ScienceSoft’s test automation services comprise consulting, which is aimed to insure automation is doable, cost-effective, and integrates easily into SDLC. It includes

 • Designing a realistic automation strategy.

 • Defining optimal automation content.

 • Pick and configure best-fitting test automation fabrics and tools.

 • Integrating test automation into the CI/ CD channel, and more.

 ScienceSoft offers moxie in testing different kinds of software, including complex enterprise results( ERP, CRM, BI), e-commerce operations, pall- ground software, apps powered by advanced technologies( IoT, big data, blockchain, AI/ ML), and numerous further.

 ScienceSoft’s test automation masterminds are professed in further than 40 tools for automated testing and disfigurement shadowing, including Selenium, Ranorex, Soap UI, Apache JMeter, Appium, and Protractor.

3. QA Mentor

 QA Mentor’s automation Testing Services cover all angles of automation from API position automation to functional, UI, database, and retrogression testing content. QA Mentor developed 6 personal fabrics in Selenium, Appium, Cucumber, TestComplete, UFT, Ranorex, and SoapUI. We’ve 80 automation masterminds ready to start converting homemade test cases into automation scripts and induce emotional ROI. QA Mentor also retains knowledge of 63 automation tools and results from open source to enterprise position. Our biggest achievement to date was automating,000 test cases for major global banks.

4. Belitsoft

 Belitsoft is a software development provider with the point of delivering effective and quality results to its guests. To achieve this end they begin the quality assurance process at the stage of the product armature creation, and they end it at the moment of the ready product delivery. The company does software testing to insure that it meets the business conditions and assiduity norms.

 They offer quality assurance for both third-party products and custom software developed by their platoon

 • Retrogression Testing

 • Functionality Testing

 • Acceptance Testing

 • Usability Testing

 •Cross-browser andCross-platform Testing

 • Stress Testing( results for Mass operation)

 • Specific Testing Depending on the Purpose of the Released Product

 • Security Testing

• Performance Testing

5. QA Wolf

 QA Wolf is a new kind of outsourced test automation company they get engineering brigades to 80 automated end-to-end test content within 3 months and charge grounded on the size of your platoon, not by the hour. They do this by using their open-source testing platform aptly named QA Wolf. In addition to creating and maintaining all of your tests, cooperation with them also includes full access for your entire platoon to their test platform which consists of unlimited test creation, test runs, and tests run in 100 resemblant

 6. Invensis Inc

 Invensis Inc is an encyclopedically honored business process outsourcing company specializing in software automation testing services. With a focus on quality and client satisfaction, Invensis helps associations achieve their pretensions by furnishing comprehensive software testing results.

 The company’s software automation testing services are designed to help associations insure that their software operations meet assiduity norms and function optimally. From functional testing to performance testing, retrogression testing, integration testing, and security testing, Invensis offers a full range of testing services to meet the specific requirements of each customer. Some of the services offered include

 • Unit Testing

 • System Testing Services

 • Functional Testing Services

 • Testing Services

• Web operation Testing Services

 • Keyword-driven Testing

 • Data-driven Testing

 • Distributed Testing

 • Coverage Testing

 • Object- driven Testing

 Invensis leverages the rearmost testing tools and methodologies to give accurate and dependable testing results. The company’s platoon of educated testers is knowledgeable in colorful testing approaches and has a deep understanding of software development processes. The company’s software automation testing services help associations save time and coffers while reducing the threat of software failures and adding client satisfaction. With its comprehensive software automation testing services and commitment to client satisfaction, Invensis is the go-to choice for associations looking to streamline their software testing processes and achieve their pretensions.

7. QualityLogic

 Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, USA, QualityLogic recognizes the significance of integrating software testing services into the development process. They understand creating truly quality software requires collaboration between creative inventors and a talented QA platoon — from conception to release.

 QualityLogic’s singular passion is helping guests release great, high-quality software — and they have the proven moxie and experience to make that be. With more than thousands of completed systems and 35 times of QA experience QualityLogic has perfected its testing process, so companies can rest assured they’re making the right decision when choosing QualityLogic as their software & QA testing company.

8. QAwerk

 QAwerk is a software testing agency honored by leading technology media similar to The Next Web and Tech Crunch.

 Our platoon has tested over 300 systems since 2015, helping businesses across North America, Europe, and Africa gain global recognition.

 We conduct comprehensive primer and automated testing on web & mobile apps, desktop apps, iOS & Android apps, games, APIs, AR & VR, as well as late testing. In addition to functional and business conditions, we always consider the end stoner’s experience at every step.

 What sets us piecemeal is our moxie in working with non-technical people and communicating our testing strategies, as well as our care in communicating the reasons behind our testing strategies.

 Terms from the time you reach out to the first bug report and test case, it takes only 11 days.

9. Testlio

 TestlioInc. is a huge name in the world of app development and testing. The company introduced in 2012 has tested further than 1200 operations. Its furnishing services in further than 150 countries make it a huge success. Their main focus is to give testing services for mobile operations. Then’s a collected list of all services they’re furnishing

 • Customer Services

 • Completely- managed Testing

 •Co-managed Testing

 • Automated Testing

 • rallying Testing

 • Livestream Testing

 • Retrogression Testing

 • position Testing

• Functional Testing

 • And numerous further

 The company claims that it has a lot of happy guests and the stoner experience of numerous apps has been extemporized. We can see their guests saying nothing different about them.

10. Testing Technologies

 Headquartered in India, With different services in the USA and UK. Testing Technologies is the transnational software test automation company in the world that’s engaged in furnishing all most all automation testing services all over the world for further than 5 times. With the major demand seen for advanced technology in different ways similar as IoT Testing, Cloud- grounded testing, and automation testing Team Testrig Technologies keep their testing process streamlined constantly, and automation testing result is an important part of their moxie. thus, With the help of colorful testing tools, They offer an array of QA and automation testing services it including;

 • Functional automation testing

 • Integration automation testing

 • Retrogression automation testing

 • Data- Driven automation testing

 • Bank automation testing

11. Devstringx Technologies

 Devstringx Technologies is an encyclopedically diversified company well known for its excellent test automation services and colorful other IT-related services. The list of colorful services they give includes Test automation, software testing, Product Development, software development services, etc

 Ever since its establishment in 2014, Devstringx Technologies has been significantly adding to its profile. They’re presently executing from colorful different locales around the globe. These locales are positioned in nations including India and USA. Further, more than a hundred certified workers throughout these branches are constantly supporting the success of Devstingx Technologies. They believe in espousing innovative myths, creative strategies, and the use of picky tools to supply technical software results.

 The professed labor force of Devstringx has executed and concluded every design with 100 complete satisfaction of the client by meeting all the conditions. With their ‘no way give up station’ they responsibly take the charge of systems and appreciatively deliver them within the time frame and with zero excrescencies.

12. A1QA

 With further than 200 guests from all over the world, A1QA is a tech-acquainted company that specializes in the delivery of full-cycle QA and operation testing services. The Company believes that the core of its work is constructing quality connections with its guests. It offers its guests a variety of services including;

 • Full-cycle testing

 • Web App testing

 • Mobile app testing

 • CRM testing

 • Blockchain Testing

 • Cloud testing

 • Continous Testing

 • Microservices testing

 • Testing in Agile

13. Zymr

 The trip of Zymr goes seven times back to California. Zymr was established with the end to come a ground between the digital world. It has curated a culture of invention and openness. Zymr is a fleetly growing software development company that integrates the rearmost software paradigm, agile development culture, and global delivery center.

 Zymr has created considerable returns and strategic business value for guests through its deep moxie in open technology. It helps ISVs start- ups and enterprises borrow pall-native technologies to speed up product development, promote invention and take advantage of request openings. Zymr has moxie in the following disciplines;

 • Cloud operations

 • Augmented Analytics

 • Cloud Security

 • Cloud structure

 • Cloud Orchestration

 • Cloud Mobility

 • Cloud Analytics

14. QualityLogic

 QualityLogic is a well-known, one of the leading software testing companies. With further than 30 times of experience in software testing, which highlights the depth of engineering and operation it brings to each design. QualityLogic is furnishing the following testing services;

 • Mobile Apps

 • Websites and Web Apps

 • OTT & Streaming Media

 • Smart Energy norms

 • Big Data Analytics & Telemetry

 • API Testing

 • Virtual and Augmented Reality Testing

 • eCommerce

 • Internet of Things( IoT)

• Fax & Fax over IP Testing

15. A3Logics

 A3 sense is a QA software testing company with comprehensive testing results needed for icing the quality of the product. A3logics identifies the critical issues & crimes and applies the right software testing ways and methodologies that insure flawless and smooth inflow of product functionality. With the focused approach, integrating the rearmost technologies and best practices, our expert platoon performs rigorous testing, which includes –

 • Automated Testing

 • Functional testing

 • Agile Testing

 • Usability Testing

 • Performance Testing

 • Manual Testing

 The expansive software testing services ameliorate the quality of the product while syncopating the delivery schedules and using the faster time to vend.


 Although test automation is largely suggested, not all associations are willing to completely apply and embrace it. A big reason for this is the original cost of the configuration of the automatic test process. In addition, utmost organizational leaders tend to ignore this aspect and keep the problem before. Before enforcing changes, they have a certain resistance, which is picked from places of fear, query, and mistrustfulness.

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